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Cavity Wall Insulation Removal

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Cavity Wall Insulation Extraction and Removal

CWI Removal

CWI Extraction

Cavity Wall Insulation Removal

Cavity Wall Insulation Extraction NATIONWIDE!

There is a lot of reasons why Cavity Wall Insulation may need to be removed and re-installed



As cavity wall insulation fails, and as the moisture content within the wall rises, plaster may begin to blister and crumble. There may be a variety of situations that lead to this, including CWI that has been damaged by flooding Water that may have breached the cavity wall



Mould growth emerges as a direct result of damp and, if left unchecked can lead to both serious structural issues, as well as health and safety concerns to occupants’ health



Condensation may become apparent when black mould spots begin to form on top of wallpaper and on walls (this is caused by there being warm air within the house which meets with cold wall areas). This most commonly occurs because of two situations:

– Older CWI may have slipped down the cavity overtime, revealing cold spots and leading to condensation.

– In other cases CWI has simply been installed poorly, where incorrect drill patterns or blowing pressures have left spots uncovered, leading to condensation within those areas.

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